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Hillary Clinton exhibits bigotry and claims Mahatma Gandhi ran a gas station in St. Louis

About Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton leaves a trail of bigotry, corruption, lies, criminality through her 30 year career in Politics.  Clintons have been virulently anti-India for a quarter century and this should be of concern to Indian Americans who have strong ties to their country of their origin.  Indian Americans should take note of her strong Islamic connections with millions that poured from Islamic nations into Clinton Foundation, Huma Abedin a half Pakistani Origin woman closest to her who could potentially create a wall to access her.  If elected President, Hillary will become ‘Sonia Gandhi’ of USA and do to this nation what Sonia Gandhi and her family did to India.   It is tragic that a woman has to have such poor record to become a President and she will serve as a very bad example to all women of this country who aspire for the highest and the prestigious Office.


compiled by Arvind:

Below is listing in chronological order the virulently anti-India record of Bill and Hillary  for last 25 years.   You name it, they have done it against India.  Whether it is sanctions against India, instituting tariffs against India exports, insulting India without Ambassador, declaring arms for Pakistan on Indian soil (to insult India), calling Punjab as Khalistan, saying Pakistan has equal rights on Kashmir and Kashmir should be independent from India, creating USCIRF to support conversions.  Robin Raphel, the Assistant Secretary of State Robin Raphel under Bill was pro-Pakistan and constantly tormented India’s Vajpayee Government. As Senator Hillary voted against Bush Nuclear deal and as Secretary of state she pursued ‘Get Modi’ policy of funding unsolicited funds to Teesta Setalvad type NGOs for unearthing mass graves.  Soon after she became Secretary of state she wanted to give same nuclear deal to Pakistan as India and wanted to give 7.5 billion dollar package to Pakistan to be headed by same Robin Raphel, who was only recently found out to be a Pakistan spy and with whom State Dept severed connections with.  With Huma Abedin, a half pakistani origin closest to her and is big part of email scandal and other corruptions, with multi-millions pouring into Clinton Foundation from Islamic countries and other shady sources,   she will be a disaster for both India and US.

1991: Arkansas Governor and presidential candidate Bill Clinton delivers foreign policy speech and describes plans to interfere in “separatist efforts” in India and Yugoslavia (search for India in transcript below video)





1994: Bill Clinton supports Pakistan on Kashmir and accuses India of human rights violations

1995: Bill Clinton Appointee declares Indian scarves flammable and orders recall hurting Indian textile industry






Bill Clinton imposes sanctions on India  (see protests in India related to this)


1999: Bill Clinton tries to impose stringent labor standards on India that would destroy Indian businesses and eliminate competition for Clinton’s cronies











2016: Hillary Clinton picks Christian missionary, Hindu-baiter and India hater Tim Kaine as VP running mate


Clintons Cash – a trail of Clintons Corruption

Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal


Who is Huma, a MUST WATCH



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