When I participated in a street rally for Trump in New Jersey yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to hear several white folks saying the Hindu Charity Event where Trump is speaking is well known to them and they already bought tickets!!  

How many of us bought tickets (see link below)?  This is kind of event we should not hesitate to travel to New Jersey to just be part of it. 


When I went to Newtown, PA on Saturday for door to door campaign for Trump there were large number of people volunteering.  There were mainstream white people, Jews, immigrants, but we are hardly there, busy taking our kids to classes, engaging in our little activities.  When we need help, who will help us? Which congressman or senator would be motivated?   The few rich who donate are mostly stupid who are happy to take photos but too timid to ensure that community is served.


When Divyendu Sinha was murdered right in front of his wife and teenage sons on the street in NJ, all the perpetrators were on bail for years and  when Aakash Dalal who was not even at the incident with Synagogue, he is in solitary confinement for last 4 years, without trial!!!  Few activists went post to post for help, there was none coming. In the same Bergen county in New Jersey where Aakash Dalal was incarcerated, two miscreants vandalized a Hindu Temple badly, but they were let go without even a slap on their wrist.  While children text books glorify Islam and other religions they speak despicably about Hinduism causing children to be shameful of their own religion!


When I see constant chatter in Whats App groups, facebook sites, how much of energy our people spend shouting off their opinions but actually done very little.  I was told there is an expression for this, ‘Internet Warriors’ who get their energy off unloading there head and go back to work feeling they have contributed something.
Whatever you beliefs are it is important to be part of the political process.  See our blog (details below) on how to be part of it.  Other than few pioneers, largely our community lives off leaving most work to a handful of activists.   When they do work, it has to be my Organization, it has to be my efforts, my name.    They have excuses on why should I work if it gives name to others.  While some of this human weakness, our patent dumbness and utter stupidity is to not to see things beyond and work for something that can help us as community and country.  This is not just about India and our community, for many of us having children growing up in this country it is their future too!!


Please visit our website https://indianamericansagainsthillary.wordpress.com/ which has all links, to buy tickets, participate in door to door campaign (see blog section).  Be part of our twitter and facebook.


Below is link to buy tickets and be part of (right side) of history:
If you want to  volunteer for Hindu Charity event contact, RHC <rhchuat@gmail.com>. 
Website:      https://indianamericansagainsthillary.wordpress.com/