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Please find below

  1. Tips on how to approach people
  2. Downloadable flyers you can print
  3. Information sheet on Quarter Century anti-India record to show to people.

Tips in approaching people:

You can approach people in public areas such as shopping areas,  events in Public parks etc.   Here are some tips from my experience:

  1. Ask a member of group whether they are US Citizens and would be voting in this elections.  Intuitively you will know the person (male or female) who seems more approachable.
  2. Ask them if you can share information about elections that is important to Indian Americans.
  3. Also check whether they are from India or Pakistan and you want to make sure you do not offend anyone from Pakistan.
  4. Hand over the flyer and let them know that you are here to let them know about 25 years of anti-India record of Clintons.  Show them the fact sheet with table (keep few copies).
  5. Tell them about what Hillary said about Mahatma by pointing out in the flyer.
  6. Many times, I was able to play the video and people are aghast to hear that.   I also informed them, how how Clintons are intrinsically very racists and Bill said Obama is fit to get them coffee or carry their luggage. Not only that Hillary calls Robert Byrd a prior Ku Klux Klan member and Senator as her mentor.
  7. I tell them that how for last 25 years Clintons have been virulently anti-India, whether it is sanctions, tariffs, insulting India without Ambassador, declaring arms for Pakistan on Indian soil (to insult India), calling Punjab as Khalistan, saying Pakistan has equal rights on Kashmir and Kashmir should be independent from India, how the Assistant Secretary of State Robin Raphel under Bill was pro-Pakistan and constantly tormented India, how as Senator Hillary voted against Bush Nuclear deal and as Secretary of state she pursued ‘Get Modi’ policy of funding unsolicited funds to Teesta Setalvad type NGOs for unearthing mass graves, how soon after she became secretary of state she wanted to give same nuclear deal to Pakistan and wanted to give 7.5 billion dollar package to Pakistan headed by same Robin Raphel who was only recently found out to be a Pakistan spy and State Dept severed connections with her.  I ask them with Huma Abedin, a half pakistani closest to her and is big part of email scandal and other corruptions, with multi-millions pouring into Clinton Foundation from Islamic countries and other shady sources,  if she is good for either India or USA?
  8. In my case, I was able to inform that I have always been a democrat, and that this elections motivated me to inform Indian Americans about Hillary record and why she is not going to be best President. Otherwise skip it.
  9. When people say that Trump is a racist, I requested them to google ‘Jesse Jackson Trump honoring’ and reflect on why Jesse Jackson, a prominent African American in 1999 honoring for hiring large number of African Americans and Hispanic Americans for last 30 years.    Does that sound like a racist?  Is media honest.
  10. Remind people how Modi was projected in the media before PM that once he becomes PM there will be riots all over India and he will engage in pogroms of minorities.  Media, whether in India or US is a very corrupt institution managed by powerful forces.
  11. Tell them that sadly, Indian Americans are sitting on sofa in family rooms, switch on CNN type channel and are expecting to get honest news to decide.
  12. If someone says they do not like either candidates, tell them first to make objective evaluation from other sources than media and there are choices for third party candidates if they still do not like either.
  13. Suggest to them to see, ‘Clinton cash’ video that has now 1.3 million hits in next few weeks and shows the 5 million dollars Indian politician supposedly donated to her.
  15. .TAKE PICTURES, VERY IMPORTANT AND SEND US TO and post on our facebook site: Click here to go to facebook site.

Flyers to use:

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Information sheet of Quarter Century anti-India record of Clintons:

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