Indian Americans Against Hillary

Oppose Hillary Clinton racism against India @iamnot4hillary


Sept 18, 2016

On Sept 18th, bunch of ‘deplorables’ gathered together in front of Shop Rite mall in Middletown, NJ and waved Trump banners to lot of honks supporting Trump!

img_1117 img_1131 img_1130 img_1128 img_1129 img_1118


Sept 17, 2016

Volunteer for Ground Campaign for Trump at Newtown, PA (swing state)


Sept 3rd and 4th, 2016

Flyers Distribution at Indo American Fair with Indian Americans for Trump and Rimma Roserberg, Republican Committeewomen, West Windsor (Russian American) on Sep 3rd & 4th, 2016

img_1077 dr-a-d-amar-center-and-rimma-rosenberg-on-his-left-campaiging-for-trump-during-2016-labor-day-weekendimg_1072


Aug 21, 2016

Flyers Distribution at NYC India Day Parade 

nyc-parade-pic-1 nyc-parade-pic-2 nyc-parade-pic-3

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