Indian Americans Against Hillary

Oppose Hillary Clinton racism against India @iamnot4hillary

Why Trump?

In democracy we have to make choices.   Clinton’s corrupt, racist, anti-India mindset of last 25 years along with their Islamic connections through Huma Abedin and millions pouring into grossly corrupt Clinton Foundation shows clearly she is not the right choice for Indian Americans.   It is time America get rid of corrupt dynastic families. The days of promising sops to various minorities and groups and use their votes to loot the country should be stopped.  For Indian Americans, it is deja vu of corrupt Congress party in India which promises votes to minorities and looted India for more than 60 years.  Let us not repeat the same in our adopted country.

Indian Americans are mostly immigrants who proved through their hard work and through their enormous contributions to this country that immigration enriches this country.  Their values are tradition Republican values.  Media propaganda of Trump being racist and not fit for President is the brain washing of cash rich Establishment machine who fear Trump Presidency will deprive them the doors of power for continuing their manipulation.  Hillary is their candidate.

Trump is the only candidate who boldly spoke without Political correctness, abut countering supremacist idealogies that does not fit into our way of life and showed how illegal immigration and trade deals by Establishment from both aisles is hurting our country and taking the future of our children.

Trump stands for all Americans

Trump stand for all Americans.  Here is African American leader Jesse Jackson honoring Trump in 1999 for his 30 year record of hiring large number of African Americans and Latino Americans.

Read this on Trump:

Wall Street Journal:  “Our Country Needs a Truly Great Leader’

What are Donald Trump Positions:

(Here is from Donald Trump website: )

Economic Vision


Last week’s GDP report showed that the economy grew a mere 1.2% in the second quarter and 1.2% over the last year. It’s the weakest recovery since the Great Depression – the predictable consequence of massive taxation, regulation, one-side trade deals and onerous energy restrictions.

Pay for the Wall


It’s an easy decision for Mexico. There are several ways to compel Mexico to pay for the wall.

Healthcare Reform


Since March of 2010, the American people have had to suffer under the incredible economic burden of the Affordable Care Act—Obamacare. This legislation, passed by totally partisan votes in the House and Senate and signed into law by the most divisive and partisan President in American history, has tragically but predictably resulted in runaway costs, websites that don’t work, greater rationing of care, higher premiums, less competition and fewer choices.

U.S.-China Trade Reform


The most important component of our China policy is leadership and strength at the negotiating table. We have been too afraid to protect and advance American interests and to challenge China to live up to its obligations. We need smart negotiators who will serve the interests of American workers – not Wall Street insiders that want to move U.S. manufacturing and investment offshore.

Veterans Administration Reforms


The current state of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is absolutely unacceptable. Over 300,000 veterans died waiting for care. Corruption and incompetence were excused. Politicians in Washington have done too little too slowly to fix it. This situation can never happen again, and when Donald J. Trump is president, it will be fixed – fast.

Second Amendment Rights


Donald J. Trump on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear.  The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon.  Period.

Immigration Reform


Real immigration reform puts the needs of working people first – not wealthy globetrotting donors. We are the only country in the world whose immigration system puts the needs of other nations ahead of our own. That must change.


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